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Brand Story

Embraced by the joy of life

Who we are and what we stand for

Our Mission
We make feel-good essentials for active living.

Our Values
Real joy is only possible if we can all be true to ourselves, comfortable in our skin - and our clothes. That’s what we’re convinced of and here for – united in uniqueness, no restraint.

Our Vision

  • Sportswear so comfortable yet chic, you can actually enjoy it anywhere, anytime – active and relaxed.
  • Exceptionally broad range of shapes and sizes for perfect individual fit – as you like it.
  • Clean essentials, positively timeless and democratic – immediate favorites we all need and never want to part with again.

Who we are and
what we stand for

A Champion is Born

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At the start and in the heart of JOY sportswear is one of the best and biggest sports stories of all time: ROCKY. A champion and his will to win. A classic the moment it came out. A new style so easy it charges all of us in a chilled way.

Our inspiration at inception – and ever since.

Our beginning:
Enter: The Original

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1977: JOY sportswear is born and wins hearts in a storm – the modern alternative to “Trainingshosen”. It’s short of a revolution in sportswear. Polyester stripes make way for cotton blends. Young to old, outdoor and in, sweat or no sweat – cool and comfort take over tracks and streets.

And it all begins with JOY sportswear – the first in Germany.

Our spirit:
Made for Living

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Early on, one thing is clear: This is more than sportswear, it’s life-wear. Made to work for all walks of life – even those that are calm and quiet.

Durable and adaptive, cradling every move you make – or don’t make.

Functional yet cut to form, putting all into shape – and perspective.

Essentially, go-tos and must hast-haves – always-by-your side, for everyone and everything.

Our heart & soul:
Uniting uniqueness

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If ever there was something that’s as individual as it is inclusive, it’s JOY!

Made for all, democratic at the core – cut to all shapes and sizes.

Uniting all of us, no matter what age, type, gender or color.

Because we know one size never fits all. And we’re convinced true joy can only flourish where we’re true to ourselves. Comfortable in our skins and our clothes. Without any restraint.

Our style:
Unspectacularly spectacular

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Humble but designed to stand strong – that’s how we were born, and that’s how we win.

Beyond fashion and trends, our style is in the details. With materials as innovative as they are lasting.

Timeless and tirelessly reinventing ourselves every season anew – and yet always staying true to our core.

Casual in look, but with an eye to form. Unspectacular by nature, but spectacular in use. We put form into function – and fun.

Our why forward:
The Joy of Life

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We make feel-good wear for active living.

Soul mates that are as sensible as they hug our senses.
Favorites that fit all of us, no matter who, how and where.
Comfort clothes that let us be and feel well, relaxed as we’re active.

Embraced by all – because we embrace all.
Lived and loved forever – no matter what.

..because one thing’s for certain: There’s never enough JOY.